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Main aspects, which make UAE attractive to foreign investors, strategic location, good supply ability, strong economic growth and qualified workforce (as well as relatively low wage levels compared with Europe and USA).
KALBAT specializes in helping foreign businesses to develop successfully in UAE.


Working on the UAE market since 1996, KALBAT has a wealth of experience, including implementation of large-scale, capital-intensive projects, and has achieved a high level of competence in international business. Complete understanding of the specifics of the UAE market, strong government connections and excellent knowledge of the UAE legislation make our experience indispensable for doing business in UAE
KALBAT offers services in the following areas:
Warehouse Support
Market Entry Support

KALBAT has a deserved reputation in business circles as a reliable, constant and highly efficient business partner, successfully combining western management style with UAE standards of business conduct.
What are the advantages of working with KALBAT?
KALBAT has a complex approach to problem solving, which will help you to minimize the costs of adapting your business to the UAE market.
KALBAT guarantees complete confidentiality in its dealings with customers and in business communications.
KALBAT offers a full range of services in all aspects of business on the UAE market to companies with foreign capital, trading and industrial enterprises and non-profit organizations.
Carefully designed approach to business relations helps KALBAT to save time and money for its customers, making conduct of their business pleasant and profitable.
Our competences include finance, taxation, sales, import, transport, and warehouse logistics, legal and HR services including recruitment, IT support, and Certification.
We can help to ensure that your business plan in UAE complies with local tax and accounting requirements. The rich experience of Kalbat Shipping
Agency subsidiaries, each oriented to specific market specializations, will be at your disposal.
We can offer a package of services, tailor-made to suit your needs.